Navigating and Finding Shifts

Time is organized on two levels: the shift and the job period.

  • Shift - a block of time defined by a start and end time; this is analogous to the previous concept of a line on a timesheet
  • Job Period - a dynamic collection of all shifts falling within a specific date range (pay period) that all belong to the same participant, support staff, and job
    • A support staff will have a different job period per job per participant.
    • Likewise, a participant will have a different job period per job per staff person.


  1. In the main navigation panel, select either My Work (for support staff) or My Staff Work (for circle approvers).


    • If you are both a support staff and a circle approver, you will see both options.
    • My Work shows all eTime shift that you have worked.
    • My Staff Work shows all eTime shift of participants for whom you are a circle approver.

  2. All time entered via eTime will appear in the Shifts tab.
    • By default, this will be filtered to In Progress shifts, meaning shifts that have not been paid.
    • Use the filter to view paid shifts.


  3. The Job Periods tab shows a list of all open job periods; that is, all job periods that contain one or more in-progress shifts.


  4. Select a job period to view all the shifts within it.
  5. Expand and collapse each shift as needed to view shift details and take any necessary actions (edit, submit, approve, etc.)


  6. You can use the Shift ID to follow a shift from creation through to payment. 

  7. From a paid shift, you can navigate to the check on which it was paid (support staff) or the timesheet on which it was paid (circle approvers) by clicking the corresponding link.

Disclaimer: All names displayed in the above screen shots are fictional characters. No identification with actual persons (living or dead) is intended or should be inferred.

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