What if I forget to clock in or clock out?

When a mistake is made by forgetting to start or end a shift, take note of when you actually should have started or ended your shift, and then perform that action as soon as you can. In other words, start your shift as soon as you remember, or end your shift as soon as you remember.

Once you have completed your shift, you will need to request an adjustment to the start time or end time, depending on which action your forgot. It’s also possible that the location captured at your delayed start or end of shift is inconsistent with the location where you really started or ended the shift. For instance, if you remember to end your shift after you get home, the location may need to be corrected. If that is the case, request an adjustment to the starting or ending location as necessary.

See the user story "I Forgot to Clock In/Clock Out" and "Making an Adjustment: Forgot to Clock Out."

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