Budget Summaries

Introducing the Dynamic Budget Summary

Housing Subsidy Changes Effective 11/01/22

The following describes how the budget line of Housing Subsidy and the new Housing section of the Budget Summary display for participants who have a budget template version "10/01/2022" or later and are approved for a Housing Subsidy.

With this budget template version, there are three notable housing implications:

The result of the greater rent allowance plus the Housing Admin Fee minus the HSPSAFA results in the amount charged to the PRA not exceeding what would have been charged to the PRA in previous budget template versions.

On the Budget Summary for affected participants, starting in the month that the new budget takes effect, the previous budget line, Housing Subsidy, under State Funds will be nullified, and four new budget lines will show up under a new subsection called Housing. This subsection also has a subsummary line. These four new budget lines and the subsummary are:

The Housing Admin Fee will be charged and displayed for each month in which qualifying criteria are met. Select the fee in the Budget Summary to view details on the specific criteria met for a given month.

The HSPSAFA - Fee line will be credited and displayed for each month in which the Housing Admin Fee has been charged.

The HSPSAFA - Rent line will be credited and displayed for each month in which Rent has been charged.


Updated 02/09/23.

11/01/22 Template Housing Training Session

Originally occurred on 2/17/2023

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