UKG (Formerly UltiPro)

First Time Login

Updated 7/21/2022.

Initial Login & Creating your Password

For first time users, visit and use the following information to login:

Company Access Code: ISS03

User Name: FIRSTNAMELASTNAME@I (I as in Igloo)

Password: your birthday (MMDDYYYY)

As an example, if my name were John Smith and my birthday was on 1/1/1999, my username would be JOHNSMITH@I and the password would be 01011999

Once you log in using these credentials, you will be prompted to create a new password. Your account can be accessed through the UKG app, the UKG widget on your portal home page or on the desktop website of



Company Access Code

Updated 7/21/2022.

First Time Logging in

When logging into to UKG for the first time, you will be based for a company access code. ISS' Company Access Code is ISS03

This is required only for the first time you login. However, if you ever delete the App, you'll have to put the code in again.




How to Check your Pay Statements

Updated 10/19/2022.

Payday is Friday. UKG is the source for your paystubs. Please get them there. Paystub and check information on the Portal is not guaranteed to be displayed.

In your web browser, go to and log in using your user name and password.


Click on the menu icon (☰) at the top left. Under the “Myself” tab, locate the “Pay” section. Under that section, you can choose the following options:


How to Find Your W-2

Updated 7/21/2022.

Login to UKG

Login to UKG by going to and using your username and password.



Access W-2 from the Menu

Click on Menu, at the top left of the webpage. Click on the Myself tab, Scroll down to the Pay Section, and click on the W-2 link.




Selecting the Year & How to Print

Here, you can click on the year of the W-2 you are looking for to access it. You can also print the document by clicking on the Print Icon, at the top right of the screen.





Update Contact Info on UKG

Updated 05/10/22.

To update any of your contact information on UKG (formerly UltiPro), please email with your full name, what is being changed, and what it should now be.


Updated 10/19/2022

How can I reset my password?

At the login page, click on the “Forgot your password?” link