How to Complete the Survey Online

Before You Begin
  1. Gather information and documentation
    • Name of employer
    • Hire data (exact or approximate, if exact not known)
    • Hourly wage
    • Average weekly hours worked
    • Termination date, if applicable, even if in a previous month
    • Termination reason, if applicable, even if in a previous month
    • Documentation proving employment that shows the wage
      • Paystub, proof of employment, of letter from the Dept. of Labor


Logging in
  1. If possible use a desktop computer, not a mobile device
    • Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari browsers supported
  2. Use the secure link that was emailed to you:
    • Check your Spam folder
  3. Use your "portal" username and password
    • If you've forgotten your password, reset it on the portal, then use the survey
  4. Click the blue "Login" button to login:.



Completing the Survey
  1. Choose a participant from the list:
    • If your participant list is incorrect, please let Kim or Mary know.


  2. Choose a month
    • Click the pencil icon to complete that survey
    • Complete November 2016 first
    • Surveys for a given month are due by the 10th the following month.


  3. Answer the survey questions, using the "Next" buttons as they appear to progress throughout the survey:


    • Did the participant have a job in Nov 2016? yes/no
      1. Choose No to record a termination in the month of Nov 2016
      2. Choose No to record the case where the person didn't work but received job development services
      3. Choose Yes if the person worked in Nov 2016:
        • Enter data about any job(s) the participant has