Using The SEMP Survey

  1. Log in
  2. Choose a participant
    • Note you can navigate between participants at this level
  3. Choose a month
    • For the first survey, choose Oct 2016.
  4. Answer the survey questions, using the “Next” buttons as they appear to progress
    through the survey.
    • Did the participant have a job in Oct 2016? yes/no
      1. Choose No to record a termination in the month of Oct 2016
      2. Choose No to record the case where the person didn’t work but received
        job development services
      3. Choose Yes if the person worked in Oct 2016:
        • Enter data about any job(s) the participant has
      4. Did the participant terminate a job in Oct 2016? yes/no
        • If “Yes”, fill out the Job data (place employed, etc.) and provide a termination date (*even if it is before Oct 2016)
      5. Does the participant want a job?
        • Choose Yes to indicate you’re still developing/coaching
        • Choose No (*and alert their Support Broker so they may remove from
          their budget)
        • Upload documentation of participant’s employed status
  5. The “Next” buttons will light up based on the answers to the questions
    • After you enter Job info, and click the Next button, your job entries are checked
      for completeness
Special considerations if using a phone
  • If at all possible, for your first survey, try not to use a phone.
  • Smaller screens will be easier to use and understand once you're familiar with the data

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