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Can I make changes to a shift?

eTime eTime FAQ

Support staff can make changes to a shift if it is a Draft, or if it has been returned to the st...

Data Validation

eTime eTime Guide

Overlaps A support staff is not allowed to submit shifts that overlap one another. Prior to sub...

eTime Timesheet Live Early Access - Released July 31, 2020

eTime What's New - Release Notes

Here's what's new and changed in this release of eTime: Added the Timesheet Live timer. Click ...

Can I delete a shift?

eTime eTime FAQ

Yes. See Deleting a Shift for more information.

When do my shifts need to be submitted and approved to get paid?

eTime eTime FAQ

The submission deadlines for payment of eTime for each pay period are as follows: Submitted to c...

Keynote - Timesheet Live

eTime What's New - Release Notes

Updated 07/13/20.

How do I enter my time if I’m working overnight?

eTime eTime FAQ

  If you are working a time frame spanning multiple days, as most notably happens when deliverin...

Correcting a Shift

eTime eTime Guide

A shift can be returned for corrections by either the circle approver or by the ISS Payroll de...

Special Cases

eTime eTime Guide

Respite Respite shifts do not require the selection of Activities. Recording Non Direct Clinic...

Method Options

eTime eTime Guide

In Person Face-to-Face Any service provided that directly involves the participant and support...

What do I do if one of my staff is unable to enter his/her time into eTime?

eTime eTime FAQ

  If the staff is unable to enter their time for some reason, For the time being, they can still...

Recording Time

eTime eTime Guide

    Create a Shift Navigate to eTime Live by clicking Open eTime on the home page. On mo...


eTime eTime Guide

What is eTime? eTime is a web browser-based method for recording, approving, and submitting ti...

Can I upload mileage reimbursement via eTime?

eTime eTime FAQ

  Not at this time. This is a future feature. We’ll update you with further details once this fe...

How can I get copies of eTime/time for my records?

eTime eTime FAQ

  Shifts will always be available on the portal. However, you can download a copy of the shifts ...

I’m support staff. Can I just hand my device to a circle member for approval?

eTime eTime FAQ

  No. In order to meet Medicaid billing requirements, we are capturing separate electronic signa...

How do I know if I have time to correct? (Support Staff)

eTime eTime FAQ

  You will receive an email notification when a shift has been returned for corrections. Job per...

How do I know if I have time to review? (Participant & Circle)

eTime eTime FAQ

  You will receive an email notification when a new shifts are ready for review. Job periods wit...

Who can review and approve time?

eTime eTime FAQ

  Both the participant and the primary contact can review and approve time. In addition, any con...

Viewing Monthly Summary Notes

Participant and Circle Resources Monthly Summary Notes

Monthly Summary Notes show under the Plan Docs tab in the Documents section of a participant. Fr...