Portal Security

Q: Is my personal information secure on portal.issny.org?

A: Yes! ISS utilizes 256 bit encryption to encrypt data during transfer and while data is at rest so that it cannot be read by unauthorized parties. This, paired with user authentication, ensures that your information is only accessible by ISS.

Q: Why does issny.org say that it is insecure?

A: This is because the home page at issny.org does not handle personal user data and it is not currently using the 256 bit encryption that other ISS services that manage sensitive user data utilize.

Simply visiting https://issny.org will show you the secure version of our website.

Q: How can I verify that my connection to issny.org is secure?

A: When visiting web pages, you may notice a small padlock next to the URL at the top of the web page. This padlock icon means that your connection to that website is safe and sound!