11/01/22 Template Housing Training Session

Originally occurredΒ on 2/17/2023

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10:14:19 From myra : where is the non-pra money coming from?
10:16:59 From stephh ramunto : Does this raise in the rent money come from the updated budget? Or is it the new max for all participants
10:19:56 From Carolyn Wember : Will the non-PRA funds be added to people's housing budgets every year, going forward? Or is this just a one-time "gift" from NYS?
10:22:56 From Kathleen Marafino : Will the slides be available to us?
10:23:22 From Jon Rosenfeld : what is the maximum amount you Queens ?
10:23:41 From John Innis : In this example, the 64 is the diff b/t new & old max subsidy?
10:23:55 From doreenjohann : When will these new amounts to housing subsidies be implemented into existing budgets?
10:23:56 From Gage Mags to SDC Department Zoom(Direct Message) : I have it
10:24:27 From Gage Mags : max for queens is 2054 for a one bedroom
10:24:29 From valerie declara : Will these lines auto caculate as we enter info ?
10:24:36 From Donna Austin : where can I get the budget template?
10:24:44 From Gage Mags : i have the new housing subside in fromt of me
10:24:46 From Amy Beyer : What is the new maximum for 3 persons living together?
10:24:47 From Gage Mags : lol
10:24:53 From Caryn Reid : Do we send them to REVIEW?
10:25:28 From Gage Mags : amy to my knowledge that depends who is on the lease, i can't know better than that, my apologies.
10:25:34 From John O'Sullivan : It auto populates
10:25:36 From Kim Warga : Replying to "where can I get the ..."Please request a fresh, blank template for your SD liaison.
10:25:59 From Trish Calandra : $2642
10:26:01 From Amy Beyer : Yes along Island. Thanks
10:26:04 From Gage Mags : the screenshare is using Suffolk county numbers
10:26:19 From HPF-ADMIN : How long is it currently taking for ISS to review a full budget review with housing and how long for OPWDD to review?
10:26:56 From Gage Mags : which ones are taking a week?
10:27:42 From michael b : how long does a rent increase take to process ?
10:27:46 From Alan sobel : 😨
10:28:00 From Roger McCaffrey : Replying to "What is the new maxi..." Remember that its no always the # of person, if 3 persons live in a 2BR apt, the subsidy will be based on the 2BR standard, but it will be divided by 3
10:28:10 From myra : if the HUD rates increase, will the housing rates in sd increase?
10:28:15 From Judith Gleason : How does the family hold the apartment while waiting for approval?
10:28:24 From Chantel Paige : What is the maximum for a one bedroom in Hudson Valley?
10:28:30 From Carolyn Wember : Any experience with Brooklyn DDRO yet?
10:28:35 From Kelsey Mowery : Is active ssi for housing subsidy
10:28:58 From Chantel Paige : Reacted to "How does the family ..." with πŸ‘
10:29:15 From Chaunikah Atkins : Where can we get the rent amounts per County?
10:29:21 From Cindy Godoy : is what ISS receives based on how many of these items they did?
10:29:40 From Jeanne Johnson : Replying to "how long does a rent..."It can depend information provided and requested back by each DDRO
10:29:46 From Susan Platkin : Is the list of FI responsibilities available online?If not can you send it.
10:29:46 From regina santo : does admin fee get approved by participant/broker?
10:30:58 From Gage Mags : lol i have that too
10:31:03 From Roger McCaffrey : Any comment on this 30-day "hold" period when a housing subsidy is decreased?
10:31:22 From Kelsey Mowery : Do you lose your housing subsidy if there is an interruption in ssi
10:31:38 From Gage Mags : i havbe that list
10:31:46 From Trish Calandra : https://www.huduser.gov/portal/datasets/fmr/fmrs/FY2022_code/select_Geography.odn
10:31:49 From Gage Mags : it super exists
10:32:03 From Trish Calandra : This is the quarry form for HUD FMR
10:32:07 From Jeanne Johnson : Replying to "is what ISS receives..." It is a monthly rate not per item
10:32:10 From Trish Calandra : Querry
10:32:19 From Linda Askenazi : Can you change apartments if you already have a subsidy and not wait?
10:33:26 From Chantel Paige : Replying to "https://www.huduser...." Thank you Trish!!!
10:33:28 From JR : Replying to "https://www.huduser...." very useful. thanks
10:34:10 From Nicole : The list of tasks on the screen are mostly done by the brokers but payment is being sent to the FIs. Will that money be passed along to the us in anyway since we are providing the service?
10:34:25 From Judith Gleason : When does the FI send transition $$.? Is it only used as a reimbursement after the indidvidual is in the apartment?
10:35:29 From Victor LaPoma : Can you explain what your going to do with the first and last item on your list? Prepare QA Cklist? Help person find an apartment?
10:36:08 From Helene Just : What is the amount of the transition stipen?
10:36:22 From Jeanne Johnson : Replying to "When does the FI sen..." It is based on the date of move
10:36:23 From Kim Warga : Replying to "What is the amount o..." $3,000
10:36:25 From valerie declara : No concern if broker and fi do same actions?
10:37:00 From valerie declara : Not duplication of service?
10:37:01 From Cindy Godoy : So the individual can request that ISS assist with these tasks
10:37:10 From regina santo : so we should contact fi with issues regrading housing ie landlord issues, appropriate payments for services?
10:37:39 From Helene Just : What if your wages fluctuate and money goes up and down?
10:38:53 From Susan Platkin : This is a very broad list. Is ISS planning to actually assist people with identifying and choosing a housing unit?
10:39:33 From Susan Platkin : Maybe something for the future, when families are no longer around
10:39:38 From Gage Mags : βœ‹
10:39:57 From Susan Platkin : Understood, thanks
10:40:00 From Jeanne Johnson to SDC Department Zoom(Direct Message) : maybe mention Housing Navigation
10:40:21 From Karen : What services on this list does ISS plan on being responsible for?
10:40:27 From Gage Mags : may i unmute my microphone to ask my question?
10:40:53 From Melinda Mercado : Not so much
10:40:55 From Roger McCaffrey : Thoughts on funding housing nav, thru the SD budget?
10:41:17 From SPANISH ISAAC ASKENAZI : What's the maximum for a studio in Westchester
10:41:25 From michael b : is it a full budget amendment when there is a rent increase?
10:41:30 From Victor LaPoma : Yes, Thank you for the presentation!
10:41:52 From Trish Calandra : Housing navigators are not RE agents tho everyone, we can help you find links and contacts but we do not have apartments/houses lined up just to clarify 😊 We help provide education and sustainable long term planning
10:42:08 From Cynthia Alcozer, ACMENY : Reacted to "Housing navigators a..." with πŸ‘
10:42:24 From doreenjohann : What is the maximum housing subsidy for two bedroom apartment?
10:42:29 From Chantel Paige : Reacted to "Housing navigators a..." with πŸ‘
10:42:46 From Jeanne Johnson : Replying to "Thoughts on funding ..." OTPS - unless the navigator is a broker or staff person with the individual
10:42:56 From Dawn Tortora-Morici : Very informative presentation. Thank you!
10:43:29 From regina santo : think im feeling a little uncomfortable with billing off my budget without knowing what service was provided we are used to having close scrutiny with billing services
10:43:37 From Jeanne Johnson : Replying to "Housing navigators a..." Thank you Trish
10:43:41 From Trish Calandra : Yes we need advocacy and more parents need to get involved
10:43:42 From valerie declara : SANYS
10:43:51 From leslie feinberg : Reacted to "Yes we need advocacy..." with πŸ‘πŸΌ
10:44:19 From Roger McCaffrey : Replying to "What is the maximum ..." For Nass/Suff it is $2,065
10:44:27 From Charles Jackson : NY Alliance can push for legislators to consider Gage's question
10:44:32 From Jeanne Johnson : Replying to "What is the maximum ..." https://www.huduser.gov/portal/datasets/fmr/fmrs/FY2022_code/select_Geography.odn
10:44:42 From valerie declara : SO TRUE about the most calls but that needs to be families and parentsβ€” elected officials listed (a bit ) to people more not agencies
10:44:44 From Trish Calandra : Not the FI that is the only advocate, we need more families and yes join SANYS and NY Alliance, SOYAN
10:44:57 From leslie feinberg : Reacted to "Not the FI that is t..." with πŸ‘πŸΌ
10:45:03 From valerie declara : We as families should advocate more
10:45:18 From Jeanne Johnson : Replying to "think im feeling a l..." This is not coming from the PRA budget funds - it is a separate funding source
10:45:37 From Karen : Reacted to "Not the FI that is t..." with πŸ‘πŸΌ
10:46:39 From Cynthia Alcozer, ACMENY : Is the adm fee non PRA fund affiliated to the CIN number in any type or form?
10:46:44 From Carolyn Wember : Housing Navigation absolutely needs to be added as a separate SD service.
10:46:53 From Cynthia Alcozer, ACMENY : Reacted to "Housing Navigation a..." with πŸ‘
10:47:06 From Jeanne Johnson to SDC Department Zoom(Direct Message) : JR is also raising his had
10:47:16 From leslie feinberg : Reacted to "Housing Navigation a..." with πŸ‘
10:47:22 From SPANISH ISAAC ASKENAZI : What is the maximum for a studio in Westchester
10:47:29 From HPF-ADMIN : Do you know of any centralized entity where we can post a need for a housing partnership / room mate.
10:47:46 From JR to SDC Department Zoom(Direct Message) : Question
10:47:53 From Jeanne Johnson : Replying to "What is the maximum ..." The HUD subsidy webpage - https://www.huduser.gov/portal/datasets/fmr/fmrs/FY2022_code/select_Geography.odn
10:49:23 From Jeanne Johnson : Replying to "Do you know of any c..." Not at this time.
10:49:24 From Gage Mags : Max for studio/one bedroom in Westchester is 1566 a month.
10:52:40 From Edna : To the 29 year old Gentleman who struggling with Apt Re; appropriate living arrangements, perhaps try submitting a Petition to local Counsel Persons, Legislators and Congress. Don't give up the fight and good luck.
10:52:41 From Trish Calandra : https://nyhrc.org Great information here too
10:53:09 From Christina Forseth : Can you elaborate on the role of a housing navigator? Are they paid through the budget? Thank you
10:53:19 From Charles Jackson : Send me questions to address to the NY Alliance, as I sit on their Policy & Review committee cjackson@issny.org
10:53:23 From Gage Mags : giving up the fight means i don't have a place to live, I'm here for the long haul to be sure. thank you all for your support.
10:53:36 From leslie feinberg : Reacted to "Send me questions to..." with πŸ‘πŸΌ
10:54:09 From JR : Replying to "Send me questions to..." thanks "Charles " ?
10:54:26 From Gage Mags : If I man, here is a link to a little known resource you all may benefit from knowing about. It helped me save for a future without jeopardizing my services, It's called an ABLE Account. https://www.mynyable.org/
10:54:35 From leslie feinberg : OPWDD does not advocate! We do! SOYAN.ORG
10:55:07 From Carolyn Wember : Reacted to "OPWDD does not advoc..." with πŸ‘
10:55:30 From Envisioned Lives : Reacted to "OPWDD does not advoc…" with πŸ‘
10:55:33 From Trish Calandra : As a Housing Navigator (HN) our role is to assist and guide participants, families and the professionals involved create a long-term sustainable housing plan. This can include education and implementation of entitlements, OPWDD services and regulations, shared and independent living.
While HN’s may become aware of affordable opportunities our role is not that of Real Estate persons in locating an apartment or securing housing. For the LI Region below are affordable and educational resources for housing: Long Island Housing Partnership: http://www.lihp.org, Community Development Corporation of LI (CDCLI) : https://www.cdcli.org, Suffolk County Housing Authority Agencies: https://www.affordablehousing.com/housing-authority-suffolk-county-ny/, Nassau County Housing Authority Agencies: https://www.affordablehousing.com/housing-authority-nassau-county-ny/Β 
10:55:54 From denise horsford : Amen to the last parent's comments!
10:55:57 From doreenjohann : Where will the recording of this meeting be posted?
10:57:01 From leslie feinberg : Reacted to "If I man, here is a ..." with πŸ‘πŸΌ
10:57:34 From Christina Forseth : Reacted to "As a Housing Navig..." with πŸ‘
10:57:41 From regina santo : great information thanks for sharing!!
10:58:22 From Carolyn Wember : The ABLE National Resource Center is a great resource for ABLE accounts.
10:58:22 From Envisioned Lives : Tap into your Care Manager or their supervisor for assistance with the able account
10:58:30 From Lisa Krebs Borgen : Agreed that we all have to advocate together. There is strength in numbers. There is feedback for a housing issue that is due by the end of next week. Strongly recommend sending in your opinion. Trish or Leslie, do you have a place for people to get info?
10:58:37 From HPF-ADMIN : PS you can change a 529 college plan to an able account
10:59:00 From Susan Platkin : This was excellent, thanks very much!
10:59:07 From Gage Mags : oh no
10:59:20 From Roger McCaffrey : Thanks to everyone at ISS...
10:59:45 From John Innis : Thanks, all.
10:59:48 From Lisa Krebs Borgen : Thanks so much Mary!
10:59:54 From Trisha Davison : thank you so much for this!!!! Have a great weekend.
11:00:03 From Donna Febo : Thank you ISS Team. Thank you Mary!
11:00:24 From leslie feinberg : Thanks Mary and ISS for sharing this info and hosting this info session
11:00:26 From bree dj : Thank You I!
11:00:31 From Envisioned Lives : This was a great information session. I have to excuse myself at this time. Thank you
11:00:49 From bree dj : Thank You Mary!
11:00:56 From Carolyn Wember : Thanks for doing this, Mary -- much appreciated!
11:01:35 From Broker Zoom : thank you Mary, great job!
11:01:43 From leslie feinberg : @Lisa Krebs Borgen...SOYAN is working on a FOFILLS response...and hope to collaborate with Trish soon
11:02:09 From T M : What about queens??
11:02:39 From Trish Calandra : Thank you all at ISS, this is so helpful
11:02:47 From Donna Ehrenberg : thank you
11:02:53 From Jeanne Johnson to SDC Department Zoom(Direct Message) : Affordable housing link - https://hcr.ny.gov/find-affordable-housing
11:03:00 From Dawn Tortora-Morici : Thank you!
11:03:11 From Melinda Mercado : Thank you
11:03:19 From Judith Gleason : Thank You!!
11:04:14 From Deepak Trivedi : Thank You !!
11:04:31 From Zoom user : Thank you!
11:04:33 From Zoom user : Thank you