Job Seekers (Resumes for Participants and Circles)

Beginning Monday, April 24, 2023, we will no longer be sending out resume and job posting eblasts through Constant Contact. Instead, resumes will be available through our website at on a password-protected page.

On the Job Seekers page, you will see three boxes:

New Applicant, Current Support Staff, and Participants/Circles of Support. Click on the heading of the box you are interested in and you will see specific and relevant information explaining a little about Self-Direction.

Here is a brief explanation of each category:

New Applicant – This is for those interested in seeking employment and have never been a Support Staff through ISS. On this page, it gives details about Self-Direction and gives the applicant a link to UKG to complete an application and upload a resume. Once submitted, the resume will be posted on the resume page. We will no longer be accepting resumes for new applicants through our email.

Current Support Staff – This is for staff who currently work for Participants through ISS and want to explore additional employment. On this page, the current Support Staff will see a link to an email address to submit their current resume. Once submitted, it will be confirmed they are able to work and the resume will be posted on the resume page.

Participants/Circles of Support – This is for our Participants and their Circles. This page has links to the password-protected resume page and the hiring form. Once on the resume page, you will see resumes listed by applicant location and includes the date submitted and if the applicant is a current Support Staff. For the password, please reach out to your Self-Direction Coordinator.

Overall, the advantage of this new process is that you can visit our website to view resumes any time without having to subscribe. For applicants, it gives them all the needed information about Self-Direction and the necessary links.

Additionally, for Participants and Circles, if the applicant has never been hired before, having them complete the application and submit their resume is one less step needed to be completed for the hiring process. With this new method, we will no longer be accepting job ads. If you have an opening, please go on the website and view resumes.


Updated 04/20/23.