Electronic Payments Enrollment Steps

Please follow the steps below to enroll in Electronic Payments.

Electronic Payments are for expense reimbursements only and should not be confused with Support Staff payroll via check or direct deposit.

Enrollment in Electronic Payments is not mandatory.  If you choose not to enroll, you will continue to receive checks in the mail.  However, if you provide services that require a 1099, you must complete the Tax Information form in order to receive payment for those services.

  1. Log into the Portal.
  2. Go to your My Expenses page.
    See https://help.issny.org/books/electronic-payments/page/my-expenses-page for more information.
  3. Go to your Payee Details page.
    See https://help.issny.org/books/electronic-payments/page/payee-details for more information.
  4. Complete the Tax Information form.
    See https://help.issny.org/books/electronic-payments/page/payee-details-taxpayer-information for more information.
  5. Complete the Electronic Payment Setup form.
    See https://help.issny.org/books/electronic-payments/page/payee-details-epay-enrollment for more information.

You will not be enrolled to receive electronic payments until both the Tax Information and Electronic Payment Setup forms are completed and they are both verified as valid.

Updated 03/08/24