Electronic Payments User Information Security

ISS takes data security very seriously.  Our system is built using industry standards in data security.

While ISS' system is not obligated to be PCI compliant, all taxpayer and banking information is handled and stored in a PCI compliant manner.  This includes, but is not limited to:  all data is encrypted at rest and in transit, sensitive information is never stored or transmitted as plain text, and no employee of ISS or its vendors has access to your information.

Additionally, only you can modify your taxpayer or banking information.  It is not possible for ISS staff to complete either the Tax Information or Electronic Payment Setup (ePay) forms on your behalf.

What does PCI stand for?

The full acronym is PCI DSS and that stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.  PCI is a set of rules and guidelines that businesses must follow in order to protect cardholders while supporting credit card transactions.


Updated 01/12/24