Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication is used on the portal to increase security and help protect your data. After entering your username and password, you will be sent a one-time passcode to enter in order to log in.

Be sure to add both your Email and Cell Phone Number. In case you don't receive one, you can use the other method as a back up.

Setting Initial Multi-Factor Authentication Preferences

Existing Users

For existing users who have not set their multi-factor authentication preferences, upon login you will be required to specify those preferences by providing an email address and/or a phone number capable of receiving text messages, and indicate which of those two methods, email or text, is preferred. After specifying these preferences, a one-time passcode will be sent via the preferred method to continue logging in.

New Users

New users to the portal will be required to specify their multi-factor authentication preferences upon initial login as part of the process to reset the initial temporary password. After providing an email address and/or phone number capable of receiving text messages, indicating the preferred authentication method, and entering a new password, a one-time passcode will be sent via the preferred method to continue logging in.

Editing Multi-Factor Authentication Preferences

To edit your existing multi-factor authentication preferences:
  1. Click the Menu button.
  2. Click My Profile.


  3. Make the desired changes.
  4. Click Update.



The one-time passcode isn't working.

  • Only the most recently sent code is valid. This means that if you trigger a code to be resent, whether by the same or different method, any previously received codes will not work. If you are still experiencing issues, contact

I didn't receive the one-time passcode.

  • It may take up to a minute to receive the passcode. If you still haven't received it, you can click Resend Code to resend a new code using the same method. To receive a code using an alternate method, click Email the Code or Text the Code.
  • Users can resend the code up to 10 times in a 10 minute window. After reaching that limit, they must wait 10 minutes before they can request a new code. The 10 minute window is reset after each successful login.

Entered one-time passcode, back at Login?

  • Please make sure that you are only entering the OTP code.  Do not hit enter/return afterwards.  Hitting enter is not necessary and if you are doing so, it is most likely what is triggering you to “click” the link that takes you back to the login screen.

  • Once you enter the sixth and final numeric digit in our OTP code, the Portal will automatically take you to the home screen or display the red error banner if you entered the wrong code.

Updated 02/03/22.