Staff Action Plan Q&A - Other

Some Life Plans had multiple meetings, were rescheduled, or never written. What should we do in these situations?

  • Brokers should reach out to the circle in these cases to ensure they have the most up to date documentation.
  • The Life Plan window has been extended to 12/31/19, so some LPs have been scrapped in favor of an ISP review. In this case, only a Hab Plan would be required.

When should I receive the Life Plan, and from who?

  • The Care Manager is responsible for distributing the Life Plan and has a 45 day window from the date of the review.
  • It is strongly recommended that you reach out to the CM for a draft of the Life Plan to ensure you do not need corrections before it is finalized, and that you reach out for the finalized Life Plan if you haven’t received it by day 45.
  • Please keep in mind that there are errors in the system that develops the Life Plan, and a lot of confusion re: the current guidance and requirements. Many Life Plans are being distributed late. If you are going to be outside of the 60 day window because you have not yet received the finalized Life Plan, please let your SDC know.