The Five Possible Timesheet Types

There are five (5) timesheet types. Every staff position must be on one of these five:

Hourly Rates

Hourly rates are NOT associated with individual timesheets. Two staff persons can use the same timesheet and be paid at different rates. It is therefore not necessary to have separate timesheets for different rates for the same position.

2See the "ComHab - {Special}" page of this guide for details.



ComHab - [Default] vs. ComHab - {Special}

ComHab - [Default] (CH) is the most common type of ComHab and for most participants, it is the only type of ComHab in the budget. In some cases, a broker may submit a ComHab position in the budget whose role is functionally different than CH. In these cases, ComHab - {Special} (CHS) is used. See the "ComHab - {Special}" section below for more information on CHS timesheets.


Respite Timesheets

For scenarios in which Respite timesheets are allowed (namely, when Respite is in the participant's budget and at least one non-Task outcome has been created for Respite) the Respite timesheet is automatically created and submitted for approval and will therefore have a status of Pending Approval. Respite timesheets cannot be edited.