Staff Action Plan Q&A - Timesheets/MSNs

Will each staff type still have their own timesheet?

  • Yes.

How will the information from the SAP translate to the timesheets/MSN?

  • The timesheets/MSN will include the Provider Assigned Goals and the staff action details.

How will the timesheets and MSNs be generated now?

  • Timesheets will continue to be generated by Harmonix until electronic timesheets are up and running.
  • MSNs will continue to be generated by the Self-Direction Coordinator until electronic MSNs are up and running.

If a behavior, nursing, or other plan is referenced in the SAP, how will that translate onto the timesheet?

  • If there is another plan in place, please ensure that staff are aware, fully trained, and have access to a copy as needed. The timesheets are only reflecting the PAG and staff action details.

If we haven’t completed an SAP yet, where can we find the current timesheet/MSN?

  • Please reach out to your SDC for all current timesheets and MSNs.