Staff Action Plan Upload Guide

This document outlines the process for finalizing and signing a Staff Action Plan.
  1. From the Dashboard for a Participant, select the Staff Action Plan tab.
  2. Click the Draft Plan button. 3ue2.png
  3. Finalize the plan
    1. Select an option for Care Coordination Organization.
    2. Fill in Review Date and Distribution Date.
    3. Click Finalize. 0bY3.png
    4. Add broker signature
      1. Sign or type a signature for Broker Signature
      2. Click Save Signature.HOq4.png
    5. Get Participant Signature:

      There are two options for this: an electronic signature, or print and sign.
      1. Option 1: Electronic Signature
        • If the Participant has login credentials to the portal and are present, they can enter their credentials in the form fields to validate.
      2. Option 2: Print and Sign
          1. If the participant does not have login credentials to the portal or is not present, select Rather print and sign?
          2. Click Print & Sign.
          3. Click Approve.5wV8.png
          4. Click Download PDF to Sign.zW59.png
          5. Print the PDF.
          6. Have the Participant or Advocate sign the printed plan.

    6. Upload the Signed Plan
      1. Scan the singed plan.
      2. From the Current Staff Action Plan page in the portal, click Upload Signed Plan.
      3. Drag and drop or click to select the scanned document.
    7. Download Signed Plan
      1. To download the signed plan that was uploaded, click Download Signed Plan.dq912.png