Staff Action Plan Q&A - The Portal

Brokers will be prompted to change their password upon logging into the new portal. Will participants/designees also have this option?

  • Yes, all users will follow the same prompts upon login.
  • If someone is having difficulty logging in or is not being prompted to sign into the new portal, they need to reach out to for guidance.

Is there a place on the portal to view specific budget line breakdowns, for example the fringe rate or amount of staff hours approved?

  • Not at this time, but that information can be found on the approved budget when you receive it from OPWDD.

Do we need to reach out to the SDC to open up the SAPs for editing?

  • No. A feature of the new portal is that SAPs do not need to be opened up / rolled back for editing.

Can we sign into the portal during/after the LP meeting to write the SAP right away?

  • You can, but please keep in mind that you cannot finalize the SAP until the LP is finalized, to ensure all information is accurate and consistent across all documents.