Staff Action Plan Q&A - SAP Specifics

Who needs a Staff Action Plan?

  • An SAP is required for anyone with an LP who has Self-Hired CH, Respite, or SEMP.

Do we have to create a new SAP every time a new staff is hired?

  • If you are just hiring a new staff for an existing budget line, then no. They would continue to follow the SAP in place.
  • If a new type of staffing is added to the budget (i.e. adding in SEMP), then the LP and SAP would need to be updated within 60 days of the service authorization date.

The demo SAP from the state including a lot of detailed instruction. Is it okay if the staff action details are a bit shorter?

  • The quality of the information is what is most important, not the length. As long as the staff action details show a staff not only what to do, but to how to do it, you should be okay.
  • SDCs will be reviewing the SAPs as they come in and will let you know if there are any issues with the details of the plan.
  • Please keep in mind that “short and sweet” should not be your intent, but “detailed and informed.” This document is written differently than a Hab Plan. Some staff action details will need to be lengthy.
    • POMS: People have the best possible health
    • My Goal: I want to lost weight so I can feel better
    • Provider Assigned Goal: (G) Provide exercise program
    • Staff Actions:
      • Staff will transport Johnny to and from the gym three times a week, for at least 30 minutes.
      • Staff will assist Johnny at the gym by helping him try different machines and classes to see what types of exercises he prefers.
      • Staff will provide oversight while Johnny is using the gym equipment to ensure he remains safe. 
      • Staff will help Johnny look into other ways to exercise such as going for walks, playing sports, or swimming in his pool.

What should the review and distribution dates be?

  • The distribution date will always be the date you send the SAP out to the circle.
  • For any Life Plan prior to 4/1/19, the SAP review date should be the date of the Life Plan (this will make the distribution date out of compliance – we know this and it is okay)
  • For any Life Plan after 4/1/19, the SAP review date should be the date of the Life Plan, and it needs to be signed and distributed within 60 days to ensure you are in compliance.
  • The order of the dates should be as follows:
    • Review date on or before the print date
    • Print date on or before the signature date
    • Signature date on or before the distribution date
    • Distribution date on or after the signature date and within 60 days of the review date - the broker signature should always either match or be prior to the distribution date

Is the verbiage different from the HP to the SAP?

  • YES. The SAP should be detailing not just what staff should be doing, but how. It should provide details on how the staff can best assist the participant to achieve their valued outcome.
  • Another change from the HP is that the HP often utilized person-first language. The VOs and PAGs in the LP will be set verbiage and may not be person-first, as they are often generic. The staff actions details that brokers will be writing will be directed at the staff as instructions, so the participant may be referenced in third person.

If we have already provided an SAP to ISS, on our own template, do we need to go back and enter it into Harmonix?

  • If you have already provided ISS with an SAP on your own template and it does not need corrections, we are asking that you enter it into Harmonix to ensure timesheets and MSNs are up to date. If you have any difficulty with this, please reach out to your SDC.
  • If you have already provided ISS with an SAP on your own template and it does need corrections, you will need to enter it into Harmonix.
  • If you have not provided ISS with an SAP, you will need to enter it into Harmonix.

The OPWDD SAP template does not require a participant/designee signature. Will ISS’ require this?

  • Yes. The participant/designee signature is an ISS requirement.

Does the SAP need signatures before it is finalized?

  • The SAP is finalized prior to signing, once all necessary changes are made.

If I am the primary contact for the person I broker for, how should I sign?

  • You would sign as both the broker and the designee.

How do we get the participant/designee signature?

  • The participant/designee can either electronically sign in the portal, or it can be downloaded from the portal to print out.

Once they document is signed by all parties, how do we send it to the SDC?

  • If it was electronically signed by all parties, please let the SDC know and they will access it through Harmonix. If it was printed and physically signed, please send a copy to the SDC via mail or email.


Updated 04/21/23.