Am I eTime Ready?


Participants, staff, and jobs that are not eTime ready are indicated as such throughout the portal. Jobs that are NOT eTime ready are correlated with a Staff Action Plan and/or Timesheets that are not yet completed (“Timesheets” here refers to the list of activities made available for a job, which are filled out ).

If you are a support staff, you will still be able to submit time for a job that is not eTime Ready ONLY if a previous Staff Action Plan exists in which the job was eTime Ready.

If you are a circle approver, you should work with your support broker to ensure these issues are resolved a quickly as possible.

If you are a support broker, you should work work with your circle contacts to ensure these issues are resolved as quickly as possible. The action(s) required to make the job eTime Ready is listed on the participant dashboard.

Time for jobs which are not eTime ready will have to be submitted via paper.