eTime 1.5.1 - Released December 10, 2020

The following updates were made in this release of eTime.

  • Increased the size of the geofence used for Home/Community determination of EVV

  • When changing start or end location from Community to Home, staff can now select an existing address rather than typing in the address every time. Only valid service addresses that ISS has on file will be shown as options to select.

  • Added a delete button to the shift detail screen in eTime Live, allowing staff to delete a shift without having to finalize it.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented staff from submitting a shift if they selected an event but not an activity for the shift. Now, if staff select an event for a shift, they can submit the shift without also selecting an activity.

  • Added some verbal clarification about events when selecting activities. It is now more clear that selecting an event is optional, and examples of each event type have been added.

  • Staff can no longer add a new event until details for all existing events have been completed.

  • Renamed the button on staff’s home page that starts a new shift to say “Start Shift” to match the same functionality on the eTime Live screen.

  • Removed the In-Progress Job Periods widget from the home page, instead replacing its functionality with clearer options.

  • Added Draft and Incomplete shifts to the Take Action widget on the home page, so now staff can see in one place all actions they need to take on their shifts.

  • Added a button in the Today’s Time widget on the home page to go directly to the My Work page.

  • Changed the visibility of the Go To eTime button from only showing on narrow screens to always display.

  • Renamed My History to My Payment History for clarity.

  • Changed the Shifts tab on the My Work page to show Incomplete shifts.

  • Made changes to the overlap review screen for circle approvers to show the detail for the overlapping shift in the same window rather than opening a new tab.

Updated 12/10/20.