NOTICE: eTime Entry is Going Away

As of midnight between 12/6/2020 and 12/7/2020, eTime Entry will no longer be available as an option to record time for dates 12/7/2020 and beyond, with the exception of Time Off. eTime Entry will remain available to enter shifts occurring prior to 12/7/2020 until 12/21/2020. On 12/21/2020, eTime Entry will only be available to enter Time Off.

Support Staff - How does this affect you?

All new, non-PTO shifts must be recorded using eTime Live starting 12/7/2020, regardless of the job you are working.

Circle Approvers - How does this affect you?

Nothing will look or function differently for you. But do know that your participant's support staff will not be able to enter their time retroactively starting 12/7/2020. They must record it in real time using eTime Live, regardless of the job.

Updated 11/18/20.