Recording Time

Create a Shift

  1. Navigate to eTime Live by clicking Open eTime on the home page.
    • On mobile, eTime Live will automatically open upon login.
  2. To start a new shift, tap Start Shift. You can only have one shift running at a time.
    • eTime will ask to use your location. Click Allow to allow location services. This is used as part of the Medicaid EVV mandate. Learn more about EVV.
  3. Select an employer.
  4. Select a job.
  5. Select a method.
  6. If the selected job and method are EVV Required, select a start location.
    1. If selecting Home, eTime will ask to use your location in order to verify that you are within an approved distance from the participant's service address. Click Allow.
    2. If you are not within the approved distance from the service address, eTime will ask you to specify an address.
  7. Review the selections made. Click Add to finish starting the shift.
  8. To fill in details for the shift, select the shift.
  9. To end the shift, click End Shift.
  10. Select staff activities and any other necessary details.
  11. Click Next in the upper right corner.
  12. If the shift is EVV Required, select an end location.
  13. Review the selections made. Click End to end the shift.
  14. Submit the shift by clicking Submit Shift at the bottom. This will take you to the My Work page to submit the shift.

Did you accidentally start a new shift?

Edit a Shift

  1. From eTime Live, navigate to and select the desired shift.
  2. Fill in all required information.
  3. To request an override to the start time or end time, the shift must be ended. After ending the shift, click Change on the Final Review screen. Learn more about EVV Override Requests.

    Submit a Shift

    Shifts are submitted for approval on an individual basis.

    1. Navigate to the shift on the My Work page, OR when viewing the shift in eTime Live, click the blue Review & Submit button at the bottom of the shift.
    2. Verify all information is completed and correct for the shift.
      • If the shift overlaps with one or more shifts that have already been submitted, you must resolved this overlap prior to submitting. Click Resolve Overlap to resolve the overlap.
    3. Click Submit.
    4. Add an optional comment. Then click Submit for Approval.
      • Shift comments are limited to 115 characters, including spaces.
    5. All web approvers for the participant will receive an email notification that there is a timesheet to review.

    Disclaimer: All names displayed in the above screen shots are fictional characters. No identification with actual persons (living or dead) is intended or should be inferred.

    Updated on 04/24/24.