Navigating and Finding Shifts

Time is organized on two levels: the shift and the job period.

  • Shift - a block of time defined by a start and end time; you can compare this to a single line on an old paper timesheet
  • Job Period - a dynamic collection of all shifts falling within a specific date range (pay period) that all belong to the same participant, support staff, and job
    • A support staff will have a different job period per job per participant.
    • Likewise, a participant will have a different job period per job per staff person.

  1. In the main navigation panel, select either My Work (for support staff) or My Staff Work (for circle approvers).


    • If you are both a support staff and a circle approver, you will see both options.
    • My Work shows all eTime shifts that you have worked.
    • My Staff Work shows all eTime shifts for participants for whom you are a circle approver.

  2. All time entered via eTime will appear in the main body of the page.
    • By default, this page will be filtered to shifts that have a status of All.
    • Use the filter to view shifts based on their status, participant, or job.


  1. To view a shift, simply click on the desired shift and a window showing the details of the shift will be displayed.


  2. If the shift is a draft, clicking Submit in eTime will submit the shift to the circle for approval.  To close the window, click Close Shift in the top right corner.

Disclaimer: All names displayed in the above screen shots are fictional characters. No identification with actual persons (living or dead) is intended or should be inferred.

Updated 07/24/23.